The cupcake christmas

The cupcake christmas

The Brentwood Kids Music Club, and the Simple Plus Series for Kids, presents The Christmas Cupcake: A Simple Plus Christmas Musical About the Sweetest Story Ever Told!

From the same creative team that brought you Cookin’ Up Christmas – Nancy Gordon, Luke Gambill, and Brian Green – this new, 33-minute, Simple Plus Series Musical for Kids, delivers its kid-friendly Christmas message in a sweet story, paired with familiar and new, fun, easy-to-learn, easy-to-sing songs.

Noelle receives the exciting news that she and three others from her church have been randomly selected to appear on the Yum Yum Foodie Network with a highly recognized and popular group of chefs (Paula Queen, Guy Spaghetti, and Betty Rocker) for The Cutest Christmas Cupcake Contest. Noelle becomes so distracted about her impending stardom that she loses sight of the real meaning of Christmas. In this charmingly simple musical, you’ll discover how Noelle’s friends help remind her about the sweetest story ever told!


Friday December 17 at 7:00PM

Saturday December 18 at 7:00PM

Sunday December 19 at 10:00AM