MUsic minister search

MUsic minister search

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our search for our next Music Minister. To begin with, we at ECBC appreciate and love all types of music that bring glory to our Lord. We love to sing the old hymns that have been the foundation of worship for so many years, and yet still at the same time we desire to learn new songs. The Music Minister / Worship Leader must be open to a “blended” style of worship. This is a bi-vocational position. Hours, expectations, and pay will be based on the experience of the candidate and the amount of time that can be given to the job. Below, you will find out a brief job description as an example of what might be worked out between the church and the candidate, and how you can contact us for more information.

Example of the job description (the minimum expected):

*Work with the Pastor to plan out Sunday worship.

*Lead our congregation in Sunday morning worship.

*Arrange special music for Sunday services.

*Conduct a weekly choir practice.

*Encourage Seasonal Worship Music (Christmas, Easter, Etc.)

Contact our Pastor by calling the church at 256-927-5392 Mon.-Thur. 8am to 1pm or email him at